We provide these services to our client.

Internet Marketing

As time goes on, more and more of your potential clients will be looking for you online and it will not be long before the vast majority of your new business will come from online sources.

Therefore, building your organisation’s skills in Internet marketing is very important for it’s long term future.

UX & UI Design

The web is continually changing. Nowadays it is not enough to create a website that you think meets your users needs. With customers having so much choice you have to demonstrate that you understand them and their goals so that they keep coming back.

By continually asking:

  •  Is there a need for the solution being designed?
  •  Is there value in the features being offered?
  •  Is the solution usable?

We gain an understanding of your website users and create solutions to meet their needs and requirements, whilst delivering your business objectives.

We use proven techniques in web planning, UX design, website usability testing and optimization which can be adapted to the size of your budget and scope.

Mobile Development

We will help you choose the most suitable mobile commerce approach for your retail or ecommerce business, and then implement the solution within a short time frame.

Shrub Technology is a leading implementer of mobile commerce platforms, and we have undertaken several mobile commerce developments across a variety of retail segments and European countries.

We use our unique insight and retail expertise to design engaging mobile commerce solutions. We couple industry best practice in mobile user experience design with effective methods for integrating mobile commerce into your omni-channel business. In particular we recognize there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution to mobile development, so we help you to choose the approach which best suits your business requirements and the needs of your customers.

Shrub Technology uses three main methods for creating mobile optimized sites:

  •  Dedicated mobile site: This approach delivers a mobile site with the flexibility to either replicate the main website’s content and functionality, or develop unique content and functionality, thereby giving mobile customers an excellent user experience. The mobile site may be built on the same or a different platform from the main website.
  •  Server side solutions: This approach uses the functionality of the main website, but enables a different look and feel for the mobile site. This means mobile specific content and experience is provided without the need to re-develop new functionality
  •  Responsive design: This approach uses a single website to provide a consistent view across all devices: desktops, tablets and mobiles. The same content and function are delivered to each device, but the layout adapts depending on the size and nature of the individual device

ECommerce Solution

Custom eCommerce development is what makes Shrub Technology offer different from other companies, what allows us to deliver state of the art eCommerce solutions to our clients.

Our team of experienced eCommerce professionals are capable of designing and creating new eCommerce website from scratch and also improving existing websites. Our team has more than 20 eCommerce developers, designers, project managers, test engineers, technical writers and support personnel whose ultimate goals are your satisfaction with our services and growth of your business.

Whatever the task is, we will study it, plan and implement the solution. Usually we recommend using certain eCommerce platforms to serve as foundation for your online store.

Product Development

To remain competitive in the global marketplace, leading companies must develop a constant stream of innovative products. We have deep knowledge of current advances in technology. We understand the commercial implications of its exploitation for your business. We have the engineering and project management skills to develop and deliver your new products.

Over the years, we have refined our fast-track product development process to make sure that our clients maximise the return on their investment in technology. We have a tried and tested end-to-end methodology that encompasses all aspects of the process – from defining a need and developing a product, and to delivering a solution.

Although product development is both complex and challenging, we are always mindful of the business issues – the competitive environment, time to market, return on investment, management of risk and the proper monitoring of the development process. In this way we optimize the chances of success for our clients and enhance our reputation in the market place as an organization with an enviable track record – you can see the evidence on these pages, with a vast array of products in a variety of industry sectors.

We build long-term relationships with our clients. This permits us to provide further value by focusing our creative energy exactly where our customers’ markets need it, stimulating further innovation that reaches well beyond an initial project brief.

Any software product depends on designing, developing and implementing new and improved features quickly. At the same time, development costs must be kept low, predictable and able to cope with fast-changing requirements. Intriangle Solutions can help you address these requirements with our product lifecycle management service.

Manage the entire software lifecycle
We have many years experience of outsourced product development. This has enabled us to develop a comprehensive service that allows you to better manage your entire software lifecycle and covers:

  •  Planning
  •  Analysis
  •  Design
  •  Development
  •  Pilot
  •  Testing
  •  Documentation
  •  Implementation
  •  Operation and ongoing maintenance

We can match our resources and skills with any existing in-house staff to ensure a seamless service, this will enable you to make better decisions on product improvements and new product launches.

Web Design & Development

Shrub Technologys is a complete web development company offering a variety of services to cater to all business needs – ranging from custom PHP application development and ecommerce setup, to dedicated server maintenance. Our focus is always to ensure your business receives the maximum return on investment – meaning our team is always ready to develop a solution that fully corresponds to all your business requirements.

We believe that customer satisfaction and the formation of long-term partnerships are our biggest strengths – so we are always ready to listen to your business needs and address them however we can.

With over 10 years of experience building large-scale PHP applications, our team can produce any PHP application required and goal is to provide software solutions to help your business grow and strengthen. Using PHP as a platform to deliver these software solutions, we can ensure  rapid application development  of custom applications, and project completion within strict deadlines and tight budgets.

The open source nature of PHP and its close integration with other open source software such as Apache, Mysql and various Linux distributions makes it the perfect language for building custom applications.